The Swine Flu

This flu is different than other flus.  You must pay attention here!  CDC officials detected a virus with a unique combination of gene segments that have not been seen in people or pigs before. The bug contains human virus, avian virus from North America and pig viruses from North America, Europe and Asia.

Deaths from the Mexican influenza epidemic have the cytokine storm pattern of young, healthy adults. Inflammatory cytokines can be blocked by anti-inflammatory foods. The swine flu epidemic centered in Mexico City appears to be a modern replay of the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918-19. Infants and elderly were spared. It was the young adults with robust immune systems that were the prime victims and the disease took them literally by storm.

Cytokine Storm — Immune System out of Control
The Spanish flu killed by producing a virulent immune response with production of large amounts of the immune system hormones, the inflammatory cytokines IL-1, IL-6 and TNF. These are the cytokines associated with the symptoms of infection, fever, fluid retention/swelling, malaise, headache, etc. These are the inflammatory symptoms that normally transition into recovery, but in the case of swine flu, additional cytokines are produced, including anti-inflammatory IL-10. The problem appears to be that the sudden IL-10 signaling disrupts the natural transition from inflammation to recovery and the inflammatory signaling becomes acute andlife-threatening.

Acute Inflammation Kills by Fluid in Lungs
The swine flu epidemics in Spain and once again in Mexico kill by immunological inflammation that causes fluid to accumulate in lungs, i.e. acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) triggered by a cytokine storm.

~ Dr. Robert Young

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