There are many amazing testimonials of people having cured, or healed themselves of cancer using natural non-invasive treatments & holistic approaches. Much of what we do follows the teachings of the Ancient Traditional Medicine of China. Let’s look at what we have learned over the years. 5,000 years ago we treated patients with acupuncture and herbs. Then we went to blood letting and leeches. Now we use chemotherapy, surgery and radiation (poison, slash and burn)! Boy, have we come a long way. We choose the old school and alternative medicine. It is working. Medical Doctors are killing their patients. We are saving them. How bright a person do you have to be? What do we do? Whatever it takes. There is a THEY who stops or kills doctors like us because we cut into the $$$$ bottom line of the MD community. If we save one life, and we have saved many, then we gladly place our lives on the line. If we have a sudden accident, then we have placed notice.


Throat Cancer Cured with Ozone & Complementary Therapies.


What an Amazing  Autism Testimony!

How we got our Autistic son off his ADHD rx and to even sleep all night long.

Our story has been a long road filled with mostly downs until March of 2016. I have been seeing Dr. Dennis and Dr. Terri for my own health for a while, but I’m also a Student Sentient Temple. So when our circumstances changed, I knew my first stop for our son was to the Temple. Our son, Aidan, who was 10 at the time, was born with many medical issues, such as Mitochondrial disease, Autism, Seizures, ADHD, Hypotonia and Vertigo to name a few. I had just wrapped up Aidan’s IEP with his school and learned that because he showed no interest in learning and because the teachers said he could not sit down for more than a few seconds at a time to learn, that his new school will no longer be teaching him an education, he will learn only trade work. I made an appointment Sentient Temple and saw them the first day of spring break. Aidan was the Tasmanian devil on speed when I brought him in. Aidan already had is Adult size dose of a RX prescribed by his doctor, but unfortunately it didn’t work. None of the RXs Aidan has ever been on for ADHD have ever worked. Dr. Dennis and Dr. Terri worked on Aidan at the same time, to make things easier on Aidan and for the first time I was given HOPE. Dr. Dennis performed Qigong on Aidan while Dr. Terri performed Nutritional Response Testing on Aidan. Aidan got put on a Standard Process Program, custom to what his body needed. I loved this so much better, because no offense to MD’s, but they are guessing what their patient needs and with dangerous side effects. Aidan’s program included Whole Food Supplements by Standard Process that have calmed him down, repair damaged Mitochondrial cells, and even help Aidan sleep until 8 in the morning. For those of you who know how hard it is to get a Autistic child to sleep all night, it is almost impossible, but it is possible now. I actually woke in a panic the first morning I wasn’t woken up at 4 in the morning. Aidan is now 11 and he had now been on his program eight months and a few things have changed along the way to tweak his program. The benefits have been so AMAZING! We have moved Aidan to a private school thanks to McKay scholarship and the teachers are just in awe on how much progress he has made so far this school year. Only on a rare occasion do they have any problems with Aidan not sitting down in class. Aidan is now off all of his RX ADHD meds and finally putting on healthy weight. He no longer has the doped up look on his face and his eyes smile. I see my son now.

The Before picture was March 3rd, 2016 The After was March 26th, 2016 just 3 days after starting Standard Process and completely off his ADHD RXs.










Leonore talks about her cancer treatment with Dr. Alexander.


More positive results from healing cancer at the Sentient Temple.



Pete P Cancer’s Testimonial.

Pete P discusses his journey through cancer, starting with traditional western medicine, which did not work – then discovering Medical Qigong which has now saved his life.






Colon Cancer Treatment I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 8/09. After submitting to one round of chemo and the side effects I experienced I knew it was not right for me.  I have been remarkably healthy and active for 57 years. I just couldn’t see destroying my loyal and faithful body with poison.  Even if it killed any cancer that might be remaining I felt my immune system would be permanently effected.  Also, the peripheral neuropathy that I already was experiencing after one treatment could be disabling to my very active and physical lifestyle.  I proceeded on an alternative course. My alternative doctor felt that all cancer was gone in Feb. 2010. However, my CEA cancer marker was increasing very slowly from 1.8 to 4.0. I was not comfortable with that.  I decided to begin treatment with Dr. Dennis Alexander who is a medical Qi-gong oncologist.  I knew the importance of the body’s energy system in healing and I had not addressed that area of my body to that point in time.  I also enrolled in their nutritional supplement program with his colleague Terri.  Through muscle testing each supplement,  I could zero in on the supplements that my body would benefit from and omit those that my body did not want.  It is 9/30/10 and my CEA has come down from 4 to 2.8 and is only .3 of a point from normal value of 2.5.   My CT scans and bone scans are still normal as they have always been.  My other blood tests continue to all be in the normal range.  Most importantly I continue to feel terrific.  I would highly recommend looking into the wonderful services offered at the Sentient Temple Healing Center and see if they are right for you.  I can’t say enough about the caring atmosphere and wonderful people I have been associated with here.  I give Dennis, Terri, and Fern thanks and praise for their expertise and guidance in keeping me healthy.  Dr P.H.

Temple Success Report: Virus, Bacteria & Parasite Treatment VIDEO 1-1: We are checking this client for viruses, bacterias and/or parasites. This may relate to burning in her mouth, swelling of her tongue and her esophegus pains. All three were found.

Video Link to View Video One Temple Success Report: Seven Day Healing VIDEO 1-2: Ofilia and Carlos came from Miami, a five hour drive, because they suffered from bone spurs, sinus problems for 20 years, acute bladder problems, hemorroids, knee pain, back pain, sleep issues and general fatigue. We saw them twice a day for one week. All the above issues are now resolved and they are on their way to good health! Video Link to View Video Two

Dr Rev Terri Dluhy’s Miraculous Healing Journey VIDEO 1-3: We were called by a friend of a person and asked to visit a very sick, dying woman, whose funeral arrangements had been made. We were her last hope. We entered a dark bedroom to find… Video Link to View Video Three Link to Read Patient Testimonial  

Qigong Healing in Orlando Florida VIDEO 1-4: Dr. Dennis Alexander speaks to a live audience in Orlando. Listen to him speak about the incredible benefits of Medical Qigong. Video Link to View Video Four  

Multidimensional Mind VIDEO 1-5: Step into a class with Dr. Dennis Alexander and see what it’s all about. Includes many testimonies and comments by people just like you!   Video Link to View Video Five

Qigong Master Duan Zhi Liang VIDEO 1-6: At 99 years-old, Master Duan Zhi Liang still has a quick step and a sparkle in his eye. He is a wealth of knowledge, and has a bright open spirit. Growing up in Beijing’s Forbidden City, Master Duan was required at an early age by his father, a bodyguard to the Emperor, to study martial arts and by his grandfather, a personal physician to the last Chinese Emperor, to start his medical studies. Taught in the traditional ways, he feels fighting skills and medical skills go hand-in-hand as a good warrior must also be a good field doctor. Renown for his healing abilities, generosity, and compassion, Master Duan continues to operate several humble TCM clinics in Beijing. Master Duan is also featured in “Qigong – Essence of the Healing Dance,” a PBS television documentary on Qigong.

Juan’s Crohn’s Disease  The phone rang at seven in the morning. Normally, I would let the answering service take the call but for some reason I answered. “Hello, I am David Rosa and I have a friend here from Spain who is very ill. He is having a seizure and he cannot stop. May I bring him to you?” he pleaded. “Yes, of course.” An hour later Juan Diego Mateos was on the treatment table convulsing. He was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a condition of a highly inflamed intestine. His was so inflamed that not only was his whole body reacting but cramping into an uncontrollable seizure, much like an epileptic seizure. I began the treatment with Medical Qigong by purging the turbid Qi from his body, then began to tonify his energy fields. The seizure lessened as his body began to relax. I restored his Qi and balanced his microcosmic orbit. Now the seizures were over and he completely relaxed. This photograph shows him ten minutes later.

Claire’s Bunions Claire came to us as a student and stayed for two years. She is now an intuitive healer in her own right. During one of our classes, she complained about her feet hurting and upon examination we found extreme bunions. Four of us gathered around her f,eet and ran energy to them using Reiki and Quantum-Touch. After less than five minutes, her bunions were reduced and her pain gone.

Betty’s Breast Cancer When this client came to us, she told us nothing other then she had pain. Betty (fictitious) arrived on our door step on April 20, 2005. “Mary at the VA told me you work with cancer victims. Can you help me?” Our answer is always standard. We are simply the conduits of the Life Force Energy. We channel to you and you heal yourself. “Want to see what you have to deal with?” she asked. “It isn’t necessary,” I replied “but if you feel it might help….” I was saying as she lifted her blouse exposing her right breast. Well, what was left of it. It was raw meat, deformed and gone down to the bone. We took her to our treatment room and began to work on her. Four Temple Masters, Dennis, Fern, Terri and Claire worked on her. That was in April, and we saw her every Wednesday. Five months ago, she was placed in Hospice care and told she would soon die. The cancer was so invasive. What we did was increase our efforts and our focus. We ran all the colors, we set gold and silver into motion, we created a white bubble around the metallic colors and held Medical Qigong energy rotating in the breast. We asked her to open and allow. She chanted and toned with us. Last month her Hospice nurse came to us for treatment and took our Quantum-Touch course. That was when she told us she was going to recommend Betty be taken off Hospice. She was no longer dying. Thebreast was healing and the cancer is in remission. I took a photo of Betty the day she came and I also took one today. One is red and raw but today’s photo is healed. Today Betty said, lifting her blouse once again, “This is your miracle.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the Temple.

John’s Scoliosis John is a twenty year old college student. He has had this scoliosis for many years. We worked on his back using Reiki and Quantum-Touch. He arrived for treatment during one of our Quantum-Touch classes and fourteen people worked on him. Afterwards, the curvature was greatly reduced.

Woman’s Basal Cell Carcinoma This client came to us stating that her dermatologist told her she had a Basal Cell Carcinoma and would require two surgeries; one to excise the surface of the carcinoma, and another to remove the deep tissue cancer cells. She already had previous surgery at the site, and was concerned about the surgery being able to remove all the cancerous cells and more scarring. We researched the problem, evaluated the situation and treated the disease. As you can see, the appropriate treatment removed the area of concern without surgery and no scarring.

Louise’s Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia Louise came to us by accident on May 11th, 2005. She came to visit her sister, Claire. Claire’s husband picked Louise up at the airport and brought her here as Claire was working with us that day. When she watched her sister enter the grounds using a walker, Claire said. “My God, who is that? It can’t be my sister.” It was indeed her beloved sister. After introductions, I asked. “Would you like us to work on you?” She spoke in French to her sister and then said, “Oui”, meaning yes in French. It turned out she was suffering from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chronic Pain. “I can barely walk,” she stated. “This has been going on since 1996,” she added. We did a complete evaluation of her system. She had chronic pain of the right foot. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the very worst, her level was a seven. We accessed her body and found her adrenal glands were not functioning at 100%. After treating those glands, her pain was gone. That was May 19th, 2005. This pain was there since 1996! Nine years! While here, she also had lost ten pounds,was now off her diuretic and lowered her dose of anti-depressant medication. By May 25, 2005, we were treating her for sugar cravings. Her blood pressure was elevated but because of treatments, she reduced her blood pressure medications. Her pressure is now too low. It is now 104/62 with a heart rate of 66. She was able to stop taking blood pressure medications all together. Pain was reduced 95%. She is walking without a walker or cane. On June 9th 2005, Louise went home to Canada. She is now running 50 yards every morning. She is pain free! She is still off blood pressure medications, pain pills and diuretics. Fibromyalgia is gone….. Total treatment-Body System Regulation and Reiki. Happy sister’s cane no longer needed.

David’s Cancer On May, 11th 2005, we did a complete evaluation of David’s system. We found his liver, gall bladder and adrenal glands were not communicating. This would throw the entire endocrine system off. We used Body System Regulation, Reiki, Quantum-Touch and Medical Qigong. We even used the tonal healing of the didgeridoo and Light Therapy. We saw David every week for one year. He was told his cancer went from being aggressive to now being in remission! He went from having weeks/months to live to now having years to live.

Tigren’s Abdominal Cancer JANUARY 10, 2006 bought a phone call from Daytona Beach. “My son is dying! His doctors have given him two months to live!”  On FEBRUARY 2, 2006an evaluation revealed an abdominal mass from sternum to pubic bone. The patient was in chronic pain and sweating profusely. He is only 20 years old. “Tell me about yourself,” I asked. “I am an Air Force mechanic. I work on jets. I was diagnosed with terminal abdominal cancer and told my job was now to go home and die,” he said through clinched teeth.    click here for full story

Dee Dee’s Brain Tumor Dee Dee wrote us in Sept. 2005 telling us she had a brain tumor. We worked on her twice a week, several times each day. We used Body System Regulation, Reiki and Quantum-Touch. “Dennis”, she said,” I was having trouble reading the MD’s handwriting. What I have is called a supratentorial mass (this indicates location). Just got the C.T. report this afternoon and it still states it is a lipoma in the posterior fossa. It measures: 2.1cm transverse x 1.8 cm long x 3.7 AP. It is reduced by two thirds of it’s original size, but unfortunately, it did still show up today. The hospital tried to do the MRA, but there was alot of artifact, so they couldn’t determine blood flow. Dr. Malek is going to give me an RX Christmas Day to get a CT angiogram….. then it’s off to the surgeon, and maybe “part o’ me dead”…..unless I’m cured first!” Her follow up emails are below. Dennis, Thank you so much for working on me! I do feel better. The neurologist at the TGH looked at my MRI, and said it is not a lipoma, but a brain mass. A symatarterial mass. He gave me an RX to get a MRA of the intracranial vessels- preop. When I get the results he wants to see those, and then have me see the chief neurosurgeon of the TGH neuro ICU. Would appreciate you teaching them a thing or two in my hospital room, if it comes down to that…..but then again, it may be gone! Guess we will find out when I get this MRA thing done. Love, D2 Dennis, Funny thing happened! They no longer think it’s necessary to operate on me!! The surgery is off. God bless you all. Love, D2s.

Quantum-Touch Helps Arianna I am often asked how old does a child have to be to understand, or use Quantum-Touch? I must respond, each child is an individual, as with adults, each has their own level of understanding. One of our Masters here at the Sentient Temple brought her daughter, Arianna, seven years old, for a healing session, The mother, Deanna, explained excitedly that Arianna could see aura’s and colors. I cupped my hands and ran heart chakra energy to my hands and asked her what color she saw, she responded, green, I moved my concentration to the throat, and she said, now its blue. I dropped to the base chakra, and she saw red. I thought, “This is a gifted child,” and asked her if she wished to participate in a healing session. She did and our next client was a mother and her two year old daughter. I guided Arianna through the session, explaining how to breathe and channel energy. This is a the photo of her working. Her attention, and intent are evident. How old need a child be? It is always an individual call. Children everywhere can do QT, and one day will.

General Healing Session Straightens Teeth A guest came in and said that she had no major complaints, she simply wanted a general healing session. Four of us usually work together on Wednesdays,, and we did so this day. About one half hour after the session, the phone rang and it was the client. She said, “I have a problem.” I asked, “And what might that be?” She said she was on her way home when she stopped to get something to eat, and could not get her retainer back into her mouth. It wouldn’t fit!!! Her overbite was gone! “What am I going to tell my orthodontist?” she asked excitedly. These are the actual photos taken by her orthodontist. It wasn’t long after the experience of correcting the over bite above when one of our students came in for a session, when she told us that she was getting ready to spend six thousand dollars to fix her crooked nose. She is a very attractive young lady of about 30 years. She also added, “and my teeth are crooked and that’s another $5,000.00.” I looked closely at her face and indeed, her nose was off to one side about 1/2″. I checked her occipital ridge and not only was she off horizontally, but almost 3/4″ rotated. I ran energy to her from her TMJ, and cheek bones, using spread fingers, then from her forehead, to the occipital ridge. It didn’t take three minutes, of 4/4 breath, fire breath, and slope breath. I then turned her around and looked at her face. Her nose was straight. I asked her to go look in the mirror. She returned and stated, “My nose is straight! And, look!” She smiled broadly. “My teeth are straighter!”

Animals and Pets Benefit Too I was on the phone when I heard this crash against the window. I could see feather dust and a fluid on the glass. I went outside and there lay a small bird, neck bent back and liquid dripping from it’s small mouth. I gently picked it up and ran energy quickly! In seconds, it’s eyes opened and it struggled to get it’s footing on my hand and sat there as calm as could be. I have learned not to go anywhere without a camera near. Here is the recovered little guy just before we said good bye..

A Warm Letter… Dear Dennis & Fern, I wanted to take a moment to tell you each how much I enjoyed your Multidimensional Mind Course this past weekend. I am a new student to the whole field of energy healing and spirit world communication, but I feel after taking your class I have a much clear vision and a huge step forward in my studies. You two work so wonderfully together! It is amazing to see how much you are able to accomplish in such a short weekend class. I feel like I received months of training. I entered this class at the recommendation of my friend Layla who is a Reiki Master in Hawaii, and I am so glad she pushed me to follow my interest in the mind and energy work. This class was a sort of “kick off” to my year long sabbatical I am taking starting at the beginning of August. For the last nine years I have been practicing Architecture and have been VP of my company for the last four of those years. Recently however, I have been going through a conscience shift in my ways of thinking and living. I was very success and money oriented for a long time and I certainly accomplished both of those, but I am discovering that those are not what I should be focused on in my life. I still love architecture with all my heart and after my sabbatical is over I am going back to school to finish my Masters Degree in Architecture. But for the next year I am planning on developing my spiritual / Reiki / Shamanic talents. I am spending the next 6 months in deep daily study and practice of all sorts of esoteric knowledge, with Reiki and Shamanism being my main areas of focus, along with an intensive exercise and fitness routine. This is all in preparation for my big trip in January. I am heading to South America for 6-8 months to live and study with the local natives of Peru, Chili, Bolivia and anywhere else my journey takes me to. My goal is to be able to spend time living and studying with the Shamans of the tribes I interact with. I know this isn’t nearly enough time to truly study and learn the intricate arts of Shamanism, but I feel the overall experience will be one that accelerate my own study and practice as well as allowing me to escape from my own destructive western ways. As someone who has spent considerable amount of time with the indigenous cultures of the Americas, if there is any insight or guidance you can pass along to me it would be greatly appreciated. There is so much I want to know and learn and at times I feel that time is running out with 2012 so close at hand. I believe that I have a higher purpose in life and everything I have learned up to this point is in preparation for my future calling. I have had a voice in my head literally screaming at me that now is the time to expand my conscience, develop my own physic abilities and prepare for the uncertain road ahead. There is so much I want to ask you and I know there is so much you both could teach me. I know email isn’t the best forum for this type of learning, but again, if there is any additional knowledge or insights you can pass on to me it will be of tremendous help. As part of my sabbatical I am moving back to Ohio to live and be near my family for support since I won’t be working as I prepare my mind and body for this endeavourer, plus I can live there for free. Otherwise if I stayed I would be signing up for all the classes you offer. Have you ever taken on a full time apprentice before, or ever considered it? Thank you, thank you, for your knowledge and your openness to share that knowledge with us. You are both a blessing on this planet and you are playing a great role in spreading the word and sharing your talents. If there is ever anything you ever need or I can do for you, whether it is architectural services or anything else I am always available to the two of you. Sincerely, Erik C. Schreiber

A Yuletide Greeting Drs Dennis, Fern and Terri, How do you thank someone for giving you the precious gift of health and healing? Thank you for all your selfless work and dedication! I would probably be bedridden by now if God had not workded thru all of you to aid in my healing. Even though I still have a ways to go, I am forever in gratitude for all you’ve done and are yet to do. May this be a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year for Sentient Temple. You are my angels! Namaste! Love and Light Always. Carmen Jimenez  12/17/2010 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ A Distance Healing…… Dennis, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for what you did for me last Friday.  You have helped me before when I was in a dire situation…it was a reaction I had once to medication at the Dentist. I called you from my car and could not drive because I felt so ill.  You immediately sent me some energy that fixed me and I was able to drive home. This time I am 350 miles away up here in the Panhandle working for a Builder trying to regain some financial stability.  I am not sure what I caught because I am normally in great health but with the move up here and all the life changes I picked up some type of stomach virus and I was dealthly ill for a week and not getting any better.  I took Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy but nothing helped.  I actually felt like I was getting worse. I woke up Friday morning with you on my mind.  I knew you would help me.  I must tell you that what you did while we were on the phone stopped the stomach pain completely within 24 hours and I felt so much better.  The first few hours I felt tingly all over, then later like a truck hit me but after 12 hours of sleep, I awoke Saturday with no stomach pain and knew I would get well. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am so grateful and appreciative of you and all there at the Sentient Temple. The work you are doing is so important and wonderful.  As soon as I am financially able, I will send a donation to help you continue your work. Shawn Finnimore.

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