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Dee Dee’s Brain Tumor

Dee Dee wrote us in Sept. 2005 telling us she had a brain tumor. We worked on her twice a week, several times each day. We used Body Restoration Technique, Reiki and Quantum-Touch. “Dennis, I was having trouble reading the m.d.’s handwriting. what I have is called a supratentorial mass (this indicates location) just got the C.T. report this afternoon & it still states it is a lipoma in the posterior fossa. It measures: 2.1cm transverse x 1.8 cm long x 3.7 AP. It is reduced by two thirds of it’s original size, but unfortunately, it did still show up today. the hospital tried to do the MRA, but there was alot of artifact, so they couldn’t determine blood flow. Dr. Malek is going to give me an RX Christmas day to get a CT angiogram….. then it’s off to the surgeon, and maybe “part o’ me dead”…..unless i’m cured first!

On the surgeon: “I intend on telling him that if he makes me an idiot, to at least make me a savant, so I can still play Beethoven, or something… I wonder if Eric would have any ideas about BRT treatment for something like this?” D2

Dennis, Thank you so much for working on me! I do feel better. The neurologist at the TGH looked at my MRI, and said it is not a lipoma, but a brain mass. A symatarterial mass. He gave me an RX to get a MRA of the intracranial vessels- preop. When I get the results he wants to see those, & then have me see the chief neurosurgeon of the TGH neuro ICU. Would appreciate you teaching them a thing, or two, in my hospital room, if it comes down to that…..but then again, it may be gone! Guess we will find out when I get this MRA thing done. Love, D2

Dennis, Funny thing happened! They no longer think it’s necessary to operate on me!! The surgery is off. God bless you all. Love, D2s.

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