September Special – Nutrition Response Testing

We have got a wonderful special for this month. It may not feel like fall here in Florida but Labor Day is coming this weekend, and the kids are back in school already. So it is not too early to start thinking about preparing for the cooler weather, and what is called the “cold and flu season”. It is easy to get off our health regimens during vacation time, so why not get a preventative check up. This would give you a head start on a healthy immune system for the coming season. In Nutrition Response Testing we do not diagnose or treat disease. We do a complete analysis and from that we design a personalized health improvement program. By using your body’s own neurologic reflexes, we have a system of monitoring your body at each visit to help us identify exactly what your body needs and how well those needs are being met.

We are offering the initial visit, which is a complete diagnostic session for only $25. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what your body’s nutitional needs may be instead of just going to the health food store, and guessing! Most of the time we are wasting our money with supplements that our body does not want and/or cannot use. We hope you take advantage of this super special, and see the results that so many of our patients have had.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and give us a call at 727-323-2793.

Your partners in health,
Drs Dennis, Fern and Terri

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