Scholarship Announcement

The Sentient Temple is offering a $5,000 Scholarship for Medical Qigong Practioner Class.

Learn the most sought after alternative medical modality in the world. You will learn how to treat many types of disorders and will receive Practitioner Certifcation upon completion of level 5.

Your teachers are rated amongst the top oncologists in the country: License # 98224356 and # 98224357

The practitioner, drawing upon their ability to sense and manipulate energy, developed through dedicated study and self-cultivation, uses Qi emission and/or prescribes Medical Qigong exercises and meditations based on a differential diagnosis rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory to restore health, balance and wellness. Practiced as an excellent adjunct to western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine may successfully treat conditions, which western medicine finds resistant or ambiguous.


Send your resume’ along with a written letter stating why you should receive this scholarship. A $49.00 processing fee should accompany your application.

Send to:

The Sentient Temple
5438 3rd Ave. South
St. Petersburg, Florida 33707

or pay via PayPal to email:

We accept personal checks, all credit cards and paypal.


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