Prayer Requests

The first step to prayer is thought.

In thinking of your needs or the needs of others, you have taken an action of the mind.

Entering your request below is the second step in prayer; taking action, bringing your thoughts into the world, where there is an expectation of body and mind.

When you submit that request, you have completed the third step of prayer: faith.

That which needs to be done will be done.

“According to Thy will, let it be done.”

The person signing up may make a personal request for good health, love in their lives, new jobs, prosperity, protection, etc. Whatever they wish to change in their lives for the better.

A donation is appreciated. Checks, credit cards and PayPal accepted.

We are here for your prayer or healing requests.

Let us assist you in your time of need.

Just click the link below, describe your situation and we will do the rest.

God Bless You & Yours

Please give us your full name and the first and last names of any others to be included in your Healing and/or Prayer Request and mail to us at the following:

The Sentient Temple – Prayer Request

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