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Dr. Dennis has now returned from Istanbul, Turkey where he spent several weeks treating patients. In between, he managed to fly to Chicago to complete an advanced Hematology course that now allows him to do more with our Live Blood Analysis. He is now a certified Hematological Microscopiest and has upgraded our microscope to do Dark Field Analysis and Dried Blood Analysis besides the Live Blood Analysis offered at most offices. It is very exciting to see your blood live on a monitor. You will also receive a detailed analysis of what he sees allowing for a detailed nutritional recommendation. What a deal for $50. This can be done as a single treatment or at the same visit with any of our other services such as Medical Qigong, Nutrition Response Testing or any other energy work.


Swine Flu Update
Interesting Information from Dr. Robert Young

CDC officials detected a virus with a unique combination of gene
segments that have not been seen in people or pigs before. The bug
contains human virus, avian virus from North America and pig viruses
from North America, Europe and Asia…

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China! Beijing China!  We Are There!
Attending classes with Chinese Master Duan.

We stood in class with 16 other chosen students who would have the honor of studying with 99 year old Master Duan. He entered the room with his entourage. His presence flooded the room like the light from a phosphorous flare. The floor length velvet black cape he wore flowed like energy behind him as he strode into the room. His hair was black and his beard gray. His erect stature and demeanor exuded confidence which could only come from a man whose family served the last Emperor as His personal physician and body guard.

In sixteen days of intense tutelage, study and hands on working, my wife, Fern, and I expanded our understanding of Medical Qigong….

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New Classes
We are always adding new classes and updating curriculum

There has been a wide range of healers who have honored us by participating in workshops over the years. This has given us all a richer and deeper understanding of the healing journey. We do not come together by chance. As the saying goes ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’ This learning applies to both practitioner and student for we often teach the most, what we need to learn the most.

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Success Stories
The Sentient Temple Healing and Teaching Center’s Patients Share their Success Stories

There are many amazing testimonials of people having cured or healed themselves of cancer using natural non-invasive treatments & holistic approaches.

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Medical Qigong & Energy Explained

What is Medical Qigong?

What is a Guan?


Daoist Magic at The Sentient Temple

The Sentient Temple is currently offering to the public a unique opportunity to study and practice this ancient, powerful art of Chinese Mysticism.

Read More About Daoist Magic at The Sentient Temple


Shaman Apprentice Releases New Book

Zachary Alexander Jezek is a student of Dr Rev Alexander.

Zachary wrote a wonderful little book about a look into the life of a small boy with big dreams to heal the world… Written by a 10 year old boy, who has traveled from the Mayan ruins of Belize to the jungles of Costa Rica. This is a remarkable coming of age story of a young boy who works daily with a Mayan Shaman learning about the power of healing.

Learn more about his book by clicking the image or the link below:

My Journey To Becoming A Mayan Shaman

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Class Video - Medical Qigong

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Multidimensional Mind with Dr. Tom E. Sawyer

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