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Mayan Reiki
MayanReiki is a wonderful and powerful religious philosophy combining the spiritual practices of Mayanism, Reiki, Buddhism and Daoism to create a religion with extraordinary healing ability.

Young Shaman
A wonderful look into the life of a small boy with big dreams to heal the world… Written by a 10 year old boy, who has traveled from the Mayan ruins of Belize to the jungles of Costa Rica. This is a remarkable coming of age story of a young boy who works daily with a Mayan Shaman learning about the power of healing.

Qigong Master Jo Boils Water With His Hands
Qigong Master Jo, boils water with hands under an infrared camera. Pyrokinesis in action! This is too much to believe. Ripley’s Provided all materials and were later checked for chemicals.

Essence of the Divine
The Website of Rev. Lynn DeLellis – Psychic, Reiki Master and Medium in training. Rev. Lynn is certified In Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Aura Balancing and offers spiritual counseling to individuals and couples in the areas of Love, Family ,Career, Finance, Health and Spiritual Issues. She offers extensive Numerology reports for singles and for relationship compatibility. Rev. Lynn is a graduate of the College of Metaphysical Studies in Clearwater Florida and obtained her Reiki Master credentials from Rev. Fern Alexander of the Sentient Temple in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Rainforest Realty
Greetings from Beautiful Belize! Purchasing a property is usually the largest personal investment that can be made. Making that investment in a foreign country could be nerve racking. Choosing the right real estate firm, Broker and/or Realtor® can make all the difference. At Rainforest Realty, we will make sure the experience is stress free and as enjoyable and exciting as buying or selling property should be. The Rainforest Realty Team is eager to work with buyers through every step of the process; from the first email when something about a property catches a buyer’s interest to arriving in our beautiful country and actually walking a particular parcel of land. Contact Sentient Temple Member & Rainforest Realty Owner, Macarena Rose to assist you.

Reiki Kids was created to provide information for children interested in learning about Reiki, and for their parents in hopes that they offer encouragement and support on their child’s journey.

Parenting for Spiritual and Abundant Kids
This blog acts as a “whenever I find something that inspires, motivates or moves me” newsletter to provide you with opportunities, programs, products and events that support your home schooling, parenting, business, relationship and life goals.

The Age of Attraction
Founded by Kytka “Kit” Hilmar-Jezek, this inspirational, practical, uplifting book series will help people to push beyond their self-imposed limitations and show them how to get past all the reasons they think they can’t have exactly what they want. Realize that in today’s world, most people are struggling. The Age of Attraction Books series is designed to remind people that just because they are not where they want to be right now – doesn’t mean they are not perfect. It simply means they are ready for a shift and that’s exactly why they will pick up this book.

Everyone has the innate ability to help ourselves and others. The Quantum-Touch techniques teach us how to focus and amplify life-force energy (known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit) by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. When you learn to direct the life-force energy, the possibilities are truly extraordinary; our love has more impact than we can imagine.

The Obsydian Butterfly
This site contains all kinds of information on: the Meso-American (Mayan-Aztec) Calendar (Tzolkin or Tonalpoualli) & astrology, writing, Reiki, Shamballa, various metaphysical topics, Photoshop hints/tips, Celtic knotwork, movie and book reviews, and much more.

Mayan Collection
Mayan Reproductions by James A. McBride II.

Ancient Mayan Texts Online
Online Full Text and Translations of the Popol Vuh

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