Quantum Touch Helps Arianna

I am often asked how old does a child have to be to understand or use Quantum Touch? I must respond, each child is an individual, as with adults, each has their own level of understanding. One of our Masters here at the Sentient Temple brought her daughter, Arianna, seven years old, for a healing session, the mother, Deanna, explained excitedly that Arianna could see aura’s and colors. I cupped my hands and ran heart chakra energy to my hands and asked her what color she saw, she responded, green, I moved my concentration to the throat, and she said, now its blue, I dropped to the base chakra, and she saw red.

I thought, “This is a gifted child.” and asked her if she wished to participate in a healing session. She did and our next client was a mother and her two year old daughter.

I guided Arianna through the session, explaining how to breathe, and channel energy. Below is the photo of her working. Her attention, and intent are evident. How old need a child be? It is always an individual call. Children everywhere can do QT, and one day will.

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