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Welcome to the Sentient Temple Healing and Teaching Center

The Sentient Temple was founded by Dr Rev Dennis Alexander as a non-profit holistic healing and teaching center. Along with co-director, Dr Rev Terri Dluhy, the Healing Center uses natural and energetic healing methods to handle dis-eases that western medicine can only treat with drugs, surgery, or radiation. Using energetic modalities and natural remedies, the Healing Center successfully handles conditions which western medicine finds resistant or ambiguous. While the Healing Center is a premier alternative and complimentary Oncology Center, well known around the world, it is also a clinic that handles all types of conditions and diagnoses that western medicine labels, but cannot successfully treat. The practitioners of the Sentient Temple specialize in many areas of energetic and natural healing. Dr Alexander also founded the Sentient Temple College of Alternative Medicine, and the National College of Medical Qigong (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to disseminate this knowledge to other healers.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Sentient Temple Healing/Teaching Center is
to advance cures, and means of prevention, for all catastrophic
diseases through research, treatment and education in and with
Alternative Medicine.


Ozone Therapy

Energy Healing

Nutritional Testing



Hemp CBD Oil


Dr. Alexander is the founder of the Sentient Temple
College of Alternative Medicine and the National
College of Medical Qigong.

Meet The Founder

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