Throat Cancer Cured with Ozone & Complementary Therapies

Curing cancer is not simply getting chemotherapy or radiation. It is necessary for you to seek out an alternative program, a complimentary program in addition to working with your medical doctor. Dr. Alexander discusses Ozone Therapy and urges you to call his clinic today so that you too can be cured of cancer.

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16th Doctor Finally Helps Patient

This gentleman came to us after visiting 15 other Doctors and not finding any relief from what turned out to be a parasitical infection. Finally, he was properly diagnosed and helped with Dr. Alexander…

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Medical Qigong Practitioner Certification Course

September 22nd and 23rd- Level One.

Learn the most sought after alternative medical modality in the world.  You will learn how to treat many types of disorders and will receive Practitioner Certification upon completion of level 5.  Your teachers are rated among the top three Medical Qigong Oncologists in the country: License #98224356 and #98224357.  The practitioner, drawing upon their ability to sense and manipulate energy, developed through dedicated study and self-cultivation, uses Qi emissions and/or prescribes exercises and meditations based on a differential diagnosis rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory to restore health, balance and wellness.  These classes are normally $5000, BUT due to today’s economy, are being offered one time only, for $995.00.  Classes are every other month with payments of $199.00 over  5 months.

The Sentient Temple is now offering Oxygen and Ozone Therapy

“The fundamental cause of all degenerative disease is hypoxia… oxygen starvation at the cellular level.” Dr. Otto Warburg. two-time Nobel Laureate Winner of the Nobel Prize for Cancer Research, 1931 and 1944


What is ozone transdermal therapy and how effective is it?

Ozone steam cabinets: This involves sitting in a steam chamber or being washed with hot high concentration ozonated steam/water. This should be done for 15 minutes. Water carries ozone into the body, where the ozone saturates the body capillary networks transdermally (across the skin). The entire body absorbs ozone except for the head. You will emerge feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized. Read the rest of this entry »

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