News Brief – September 2007

Drs. Dennis and Fern Alexander have been chosen to travel to Beijing China in November to study personally with renowned Qigong Master Duan Zhi Liang. Dennis and Fern will be traveling as Ambassadors of Good Will representing the Sentient Temple Healing Center in St. Petersburg and the International Institute of Medical Qigong.

According to Master Duan, “Wuji Qigong has no limitations”.

We can heal anything! God created Wuji and Wuji is all things.

The I.I.M.Q. is based in Palm Desert California and represents the Henan University in Beijing China here in the United States. Dr. Dennis Alexander is the Florida Director of IIMQ and a Doctor of Medical Qigong licenced through the Henan University.

Dr. Fern Alexander is a Qigong Master and, along with her husband, also teaches Medical Qigong at the Sentient Temple Healing Center. The Alexanders are two of sixteen Medical Qigong Professionals who have been chosen to study under the direct supervision of Master Duan.

When the Alexanders return, they will host a two day seminar where they will teach Wuji Qigong or Tui Na. These are specific exercises. They are a set of 18 postures which combines joint opening and muscle strengthening with internal organ massage and tonifying of the primary channels, eight extra ordinary channels and the sinew channels. Be sure to contact the Sentient Temple for time, date and location.

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