Medical Qigong Practitioner level 1 Course Starting

We will be starting our Medical Qigong Practitioner level 1 course on April16, 16, 18 and 19th. There is no pre-requisite for this course, and it is the first course to achieving certification as a Medical Qigong Practitioner. This may be a stand alone course that can be used for self-healing also. For more information on this course email us or call 727-323-2793.

Your partners in health,

Drs. Dennis, Fern and Terri

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  • the AMA came out with a report in 2006 enndrsiog transcendental meditation as a means in many for lowering blood pressure whether it works for you in lowering your stress and blood pressure is the question . One way to find out get a yoga instructor or a guru.. myself i’m not leaving it up to mere chanting but i’ve bought a bicycle and the exercise will no doubt do wonders that medicine only dreams of . Also watch my diet already (no fats plenty of fresh highfiber no processed junk and lots of water)

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