May Special Brings Good Health

Two weeks ago we told you about the wonderful new healing tool we have, the MRS 2000+.  If you did not read about it the first time, here is the link: We have been using this new technology with amazing results. Well, why are we telling you about it again? Because it is too good not to share with everyone. So for the month of May, we are offering an outstanding special. A session on the MRS 2000+ for only $5. That is correct, only $5. You can have as many sessions as you would like. It is recommended for personal use to be used everyday, but no more than twice per day. All you need to do is call to schedule an appointment at 727-323-2793. We urge everyone to read the posting and try this out. This is an amazing offer for this cutting edge technology. This is the only unit in this area, so take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

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