Juan’s Crohn’s Disease

The phone rang at seven in the morning. Normally, I would let the answering service take the call but for some reason I answered. “Hello, I am David Rosa and I have a friend here from Spain who is very ill. He is having a seizure and he cannot stop. May I bring him to you?” he pleaded. “Yes. of course.” An hour later Juan Diego Mateos was on the treatment table convulsing.

He was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a condition of a highly inflamed intestine.

His was so inflamed that not only was his whole body reacting but cramping into an uncontrollable seizure, much like an epileptic seizure. I began the treatment with Qigong by purging the turbid Qi from his body, then began to tonify his energy fields.

The seizure lessened as his body began to relax. I restored his Qi and balanced his microcosmic orbit. Now the seizures were over and he completely relaxed. This photograph shows him ten minutes later.

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