Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at the Sentient Temple

The Sentient Temple is proud to announce the latest addition to our health care arsenal. We now have a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in house. This is the only Conical Grand DIVE 1.3 ATA Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber locally for patient use. There are a myriad of benefits of hyperbaric oxygen that we feel will help all our patients be in the best health ever. Let us tell you more about hyperbaric oxygen.

What is HBOT?

HBOT is an abbreviation for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical treatment which enhances the body’s natural healing process by delivering oxygen under pressure, increasing the oxygen content in the blood and in the cerebral spinal fluid, flooding the tissues with oxygen.

How does HBOT work?

Hyperoxygenation – By increasing the oxygen dissolved in the plasma (the liquid portion of the blood), the lymphatic fluid, and the cerebrospinal fluid, HBOT increases the oxygen available to damaged tissues, stimulating healing.

Neovascularization – HBOT stimulates blood vessel formation (angiogenesis) and collagen (connective tissue) formation in areas that were previously resistant due to lack of oxygen.

Hyperoxia enhanced antimicrobial activity – HBOT reduces or eliminates the effects of toxic substances, bacteria, viruses, and yeast by increasing the tissue oxygen levels.

Hyperoxia enhanced immune response – HBOT activates the white blood cells to fight infection, promoting resistance to infection, as well as wound healing. HBOT also helps to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

What conditions are treated with HBOT?

HBOT is FDA approved to treat air or gas embolism, carbon monoxide & cyanide poisoning, crush injury & acute traumatic ischemia, decompression sickness, delayed radiation injury, diabetic foot ulcers, enhanced healing of problem wounds, exceptional blood loss, gas gangrene, intracranial abcess, necrotizing soft tissue infections, osteomyelitis (refractory), skin grafts and flaps(compromised), and thermal burns.

Off label uses include: Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, ADD/ADHD, Stroke, Anti-Aging, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s Disease, Colitis, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Burns Post-Surgery, Migraine Headaches, Vascular Disease, Radiation Damage, Bone Fractures,General Wellness and Prevention, Sports Injuries and Cerebral Palsy.

How does HBOT treat so many different conditions?

HBOT treats the underlying disease process that causes and perpetuates a wide variety of chronic conditions. HBOT is used therapeutically to treat conditions in which tissues have been damaged by oxygen deprivation. When the oxygen is restored to these tissues, much of the lost function returns.  HBOT also helps to reduce inflammation and promote wound healing throughout the body and the brain.

Are there many published studies on HBOT?

There are over 30,000 published scientific studies on HBOT.

What happens during the treatment?

For many people, a session in a hyperbaric chamber is no different than an airplane flight. You need to able to clear your ears to be comfortable. Once you have descended to pressure and your ears adjust, you will feel completely normal in the chamber. If you are in a portable chamber with room air, you can bring a portable computer or an ipod into the chamber, along with beverages, blankets, and pillows.  If you are in a large enough chamber, you can sit, stand up, exercise, or sleep. If you are in a smaller chamber, you can lie down and read, listen to music, or watch videos.

What is the standard treatment protocol?

Your treatment would be based on your individual needs.

What is the typical cost of the treatment?

HBOT in a portable chamber typically costs $75 – $100 per session with room air, and $150 per session with an oxygen concentrator. Your cost would be substantially less, and we will be offering packages to reduce the fee even further. There will be no extra cost for the oxygen concentrator as that will be standard with our unit.

How safe is HBOT?

HBOT is incredibly safe. The most common problem experienced by people undergoing HBOT is problems equalizing the pressure in their ears.

Why do so few doctors know about HBOT?

Few medical schools offer classes or training in hyperbaric medicine. Big Pharma is primarily responsible for the medical education of doctors, starting when they are medical students and continuing throughout their careers. The majority of clinicians are on Big Pharma’s payroll. Approximately 80% of continuing medical education courses are sponsoredby Big Pharma.  Approximately 90% of advertising in medical journals is for prescription drugs. Big Pharma has turned doctors into highly paid pill pushers who are often oblivious to the dangerous side effects of many of the drugs that they prescribe.  It’s no wonder that most doctors know little about the health benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

How can I learn more about HBOT?

The most comprehensive book about HBOT is The Oxygen Revolution by Paul Harch, M.D. This book is geared toward individuals who would like to learn more about how HBOT works and what conditions it treats. The book explores the science behind HBOT, as well as the case histories of patients who have benefited from HBOT.

Our unit seats two comfortably so that you can share a session, and reduce your cost. An appointment must be made, but we will be opening more clinic hours to accommodate multiple sessions for anyone who wishes to accelerate their healing.

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