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Taking an aspirin a day as an inexpensive way to avoid heart problems has been proven to be not only ineffective, but dangerous over time. Long term daily aspirin use has been strongly linked to pancreatic cancer and intestinal bleeding, often causing death. Expensive pharmaceuticals for heart problems such as warfarins also have dangerous side effects in addition to bleeding issues. So what’s left? Nattokinase supplements derived from Japanese natto do everything the aspirin a day and warfarin advocates claim without side effects. Nattokinase is also present in miso soup which is made from natto, both inexpensive. And the benefits of Nattokinase or natural natto go beyond heart health.

The Dangerous Pharmaceutical Way

Pharmaceutical blood thinning drugs, including aspirin, are a one way ticket. Their blood thinning attributes hamper blood clotting, which we need to help us stop bleeding. That’s why daily aspirin use has lead to thousands of deaths from gastrointestinal bleeding. The blood is thinned and the clotting ability disappears.
Studies have determined a high increase of pancreatic cancer among aspirin a day users. Even a study that determined a slight decrease in non-fatal heart attacks among daily aspirin consumers also discovered that the risk for hemorrhagic stroke was increased by 80%. The British Journal of Medicine has determined that the risks are the same for even low dose aspirin use. Other side effects from long term aspirin or other NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) include kidney and/or liver damage, anemia, and ulcers. The occasional use of these drugs as needed is usually not dangerous.

The Natural Safe Way

Nattokinase is comprised of fibrinolytic enzymes extracted from natto. It’s used as a supplement for those with circulatory problems that could lead to heart attacks or strokes. There are no bleeding dangers, as normal clotting attributes are not hampered with nattokinase supplements. Studies have also shown decreased Alzheimer’s conditions with nattokinase. So as a supplement for those with heart, circulation, and blood pressure issues, nattokinase is an ideal substitute for pharmaceuticals. Nattokinase extract is more potent for immediate results with actual heart health or potential stroke issues. Natto is also an excellent source of Vitamin K2. K2 adds to circulation by removing excess calcium from the blood, which creates plaque within artery walls, and moves the calcium into building bone where it belongs. So in addition to better circulation and heart health while holding off Alzheimer’s, you are getting protection against osteoporosis. That’s quite a package from one food, minimizing three major aging conditions.
Source: Natural News

Eating Natto may be hard for those who consume a typical Western diet. But, we carry a superior Nattokinase in a convenient capsule form. If you are looking for a substitute for dangerous drugs, or just want to add a heart healthy supplement to your diet, we can help.

Your partners in health,
Drs Dennis, Fern and Terri

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