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How we got our Autistic son off his ADHD rx and to even sleep all night long.
Our story has been a long road filled with mostly downs until March of 2016. I have been seeing Dr. Dennis and Dr. Terri for my own health for a while, but I’m also a Student Sentient Temple. So when our circumstances changed, I knew my first stop for our son was to the Temple. Our son, Aidan, who was 10 at the time, was born with many medical issues, such as Mitochondrial disease, Autism, Seizures, ADHD, Hypotonia and Vertigo to name a few. I had just wrapped up Aidan’s IEP with his school and learned that because he showed no interest in learning and because the teachers said he could not sit down for more than a few seconds at a time to learn, that his new school will no longer be teaching him an education, he will learn only trade work. I made an appointment Sentient Temple and saw them the first day of spring break. Aidan was the Tasmanian devil on speed when I brought him in. Aidan already had is Adult size dose of a RX prescribed by his doctor, but unfortunately it didn’t work. None of the RXs Aidan has ever been on for ADHD have ever worked. Dr. Dennis and Dr. Terri worked on Aidan at the same time, to make things easier on Aidan and for the first time I was given HOPE. Dr. Dennis performed Qigong on Aidan while Dr. Terri performed Nutritional Response Testing on Aidan. Aidan got put on a Standard Process Program, custom to what his body needed. I loved this so much better, because no offense to MD’s, but they are guessing what their patient needs and with dangerous side effects. Aidan’s program included Whole Food Supplements by Standard Process that have calmed him down, repair damaged Mitochondrial cells, and even help Aidan sleep until 8 in the morning. For those of you who know how hard it is to get a Autistic child to sleep all night, it is almost impossible, but it is possible now. I actually woke in a panic the first morning I wasn’t woken up at 4 in the morning. Aidan is now 11 and he had now been on his program eight months and a few things have changed along the way to tweak his program. The benefits have been so AMAZING! We have moved Aidan to a private school thanks to McKay scholarship and the teachers are just in awe on how much progress he has made so far this school year. Only on a rare occasion do they have any problems with Aidan not sitting down in class. Aidan is now off all of his RX ADHD meds and finally putting on healthy weight. He no longer has the doped up look on his face and his eyes smile. I see my son now.
The Before picture was March 3rd, 2016 The After was March 26th, 2016 just 3 days after starting Standard Process and completely off his ADHD RXs.