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Crohn’s Disease

David Rosa called us and said he had a friend here from Spain who was very ill. He was having a seizure and could not stop. He asked if we would see him. We saw him immediately, and while on the treatment table he started convulsing. He informed us that he suffered from Crohn’s Disease, a condition of a highly inflamed bowel. His was so inflamed that his whole body was reacting by cramping into an uncontrollable seizure, much like an epileptic seizure. We began our work and the seizures ended. This is a picture of Juan Diego Mateos ten minutes later.


One of our students came to us complaining of pain in her feet. We found that she had extreme bunions. After one treatment, the bunions were greatly reduced and her pain gone. Here are the before and after pictures.

Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

Louise came to us from Canada for an extended stay to be treated. She entered with a cane in chronic pain. She was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and severe pain in her right foot. She could barely walk, and had been suffering since 1996. During the course of treatment, she lost ten pounds, was off her diuretic and lowered her dose of anti-depressant medication. Her sugar cravings were also diminishing. Her blood pressure was elevated when she started, but because of treatments, she had to reduce her medications because her blood pressure was getting too low. She was able to stop taking blood pressure medications all together. Pain was reduced 95%. She is now walking without a cane. On 6/9/05, Louise went home to Canada and is now running 50 yards every morning. She is pain free! She is still off blood pressure medications, pain pills and diuretics. Fibromyalgia is gone.


John was a twenty year old college student. He has had this scoliosis for many years. We worked on his back for several weeks before he had to go back to school out of town. This is the before and after pictures.

Lyme disease, Lupus, toxic heavy metal poisoning

In 2001, I was left to die by the western medical profession. By 2003, the last option I was given was Hospice and a feeding tube. That didn’t seem like a cure to me. And, if it wasn’t a death sentence, I don’t know what is.

One February morning in 2001, I awoke and was unable to get out of bed due to the pain and fatigue. I thought it was just a flare up of the Fibromyalgia and assumed a few days of bed rest would do the trick. I was wrong. I never did recover. My body had finally crashed. I now started the long journey to find some definite answers. I saw many practitioners, holistic and allopathic. After tens of thousands of dollars in testing and close to $100,000 in medical bills, I was no closer to being healthier.

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A Yuletide Greeting

Drs Dennis, Fern and Terri, How do you thank someone for giving you the precious gift of health and healing? Thank you for all your selfless work and dedication! I would probably be bedridden by now if God had not worked thru all of you to aid in my healing. Even though I still have a ways to go, I am forever in gratitude for all you’ve done and are yet to do. May this be a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year for Sentient Temple. You are my angels! Namaste! Love and Light Always. Carmen Jimenez

A Distance Healing

Dennis, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for what you did for me last Friday. You have helped me before when I was in a dire situation…it was a reaction I had once to medication at the Dentist. I called you from my car and could not drive because I felt so ill. You immediately sent me some energy that fixed me and I was able to drive home. This time I am 350 miles away up here in the Panhandle working for a Builder trying to regain some financial stability. I am not sure what I caught because I am normally in great health but with the move up here and all the life changes I picked up some type of stomach virus and I was deathly ill for a week and not getting any better. I took Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy but nothing helped. I actually felt like I was getting worse. I woke up Friday morning with you on my mind. I knew you would help me. I must tell you that what you did while we were on the phone stopped the stomach pain completely within 24 hours and I felt so much better. The first few hours I felt tingly all over, then later like a truck hit me but after 12 hours of sleep, I awoke Saturday with no stomach pain and knew I would get well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful and appreciative of you and all there at the Sentient Temple. The work you are doing is so important and wonderful. As soon as I am financially able, I will send a donation to help you continue your work. Shawn Finnimore

General Healing Session Straightens Teeth

Dee Dee came in and said that she had no major complaints; she simply wanted a general healing session. She then called about one half hour later and said she was on her way home when she stopped to get something to eat, and could not get her retainer back into her mouth. It wouldn’t fit! Her overbite was gone! “What am I going to tell my orthodontist?” she asked excitedly. These are the actual photos taken by her orthodontist.

Dennis and Terri,

Thank you for your healing me! You are so kind and compassionate Healers. I know I have made much more progress coming to you….Peace.
Thanks again, Dina

Animals and Pets Benefit Too

I was on the phone when I heard this crash against the window. I could see feather dust and a fluid on the glass. I went outside and there lay a small bird, neck bent back and liquid dripping from it’s small mouth. I gently picked it up and ran energy quickly! In seconds, it’s eyes opened and it struggled to get it’s footing on my hand and sat there as calm as could be. I have learned not to go anywhere without a camera near. Here is the recovered little guy just before we said good bye. Dr Dennis

Dear Dr Dennis,

Words could not express our appreciation for all you have done. You are truly a blessing in our lives. Thank you for bringing new life to both of us.
Love Robyn and Ed

Can Children Learn to Heal

I am often asked how old does a child have to be to understand, or use energy? I must respond, each child is an individual, as with adults, each has their own level of understanding. Deanna Dunbar brought her seven-year-old daughter for a healing session, The mother explained excitedly that Arianna could see aura’s and colors. I cupped my hands and ran heart chakra energy to my hands and asked her what color she saw, and she responded, green. I moved my concentration to the throat, and she said, now it’s blue. I dropped to the base chakra and she saw red. I thought, “This is a gifted child,” I thought and asked her if she wished to participate in a healing session. She did, and our next client was a mother and her two-year-old daughter. I guided Arianna through the session, explaining how to breathe and channel energy. This is a photo of her working. Her attention and intent are evident. How old need a child be? It is always an individual call. Children everywhere can work with energy, and one day will. Dr Dennis