General Qigong Healing Session Straightens Teeth

A guest came in and said that she had no major complaints, she simply wanted a general healing session. Four of us usually work together on Wednesdays at our services, and we did so this day. About one half hour after the session the phone rang and it was the client, she said, “I have a problem.” I asked, “And what might that be?” She said she was on her way home when she stopped to get something to eat, and could not get her retainer into her mouth. It wouldn’t fit!!! Her over bite was gone! “What am I going to tell my orthodontist?,” she asked excitedly.

It wasn’t long after the experience of correcting the over bite above when on of our students came in for a session, when she told us that she was getting ready to spend six thousand dollars to fix her crooked nose. She is a very attractive young lady of about 30 years. She also added, “and my teeth are crooked and that’s another $5,000.00.” I looked closely at her face and indeed, her nose was off to one side about 1/2″. I checked her occipital ridge and not only was she off horizontally, but almost 3/4″ rotated. I ran energy to her from her TM, joints and cheek bones, using spread fingers, then from her forehead, to the occipital ridge. It didn’t take three minutes, of 4/4 breath, fire breath, and slope breath. I then turned her around and looked at her face. Her nose was straight. I asked her to go look in the mirror. She returned and stated, “My nose is straight! And, look!” She smiled broadly. “My teeth are straighter!”

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