Fragrance Is Now An Indoor Pollutant Says CDC

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a federal agency has made a fragrance free policy that applies to all their offices nationwide. The agency issued this policy “in order to protect and maintain safe indoor environmental quality,” now establishing fragrance as an indoor air quality issue.

The policy is quite detailed as to what cannot be used. Read the policy at

To me, this is huge. Because now a policy regarding fragrances has been written and issued by the Centers for Disease Control. I would say this is a policy that can be brought to any employer to request that it be implemented in any office. Fragrance is no longer an MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) issue, it’s an indoor air quality issue.

This may be the result of another project of the CDC, measuring the toxic chemicals found in the blood of Americans. You can read their latest report at

Source: Debra Lynn Dadd newsletter

Perfumes today are no longer the beautiful smells of distilled flower petals that we think of when we envision the lovely gardens of France, and the grand parfumers of old. Todays fragances are mainly synthetic codes of chemicals designed to remind of us that simpler time. Unfortunately, our bodies are becoming much too overloaded by these environmental pollutants that the government has called them endocrine disruptors because they clog and confuse the endocrine system. This causes a miscommunication within body systems that leads to many different diseases. And, not only are we breathing these endocrine disruptors, but we are are ingesting them as well in our water and our food. So give your body, and those around you a break, and stay away from the perfume counter this Christmas.

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