Whole Food Supplements

Today we know that therapeutic foods are best. Healing (therapeutic) foods are loaded with phytonutrients and phytochemicals, as well as healing molecules found in organs and glands. Since some of the richest sources of complex nutrients are found in organs and glands, the combination of these plants makes up the most powerful healing nutrition of our time – whole food nutritional supplements.

Whole food supplements begin with plants that contain the highest quality of nutrients- that is, plants that are grown organically, harvested and then combined with the rich nutrition found in special glands and organs. Because the nutritional material is processed into supplements without heat or chemicals, the nutrition is naturally concentrated, perfectly balanced and full of life’s spark. These supplements are naturally low-dose and high-activity (high absorption), with nutrition that is in perfect harmony and that by far out-performs regular “vitamins” and all other synthetic and fractionated nutritional supplements.

How do you transform Organic Foods into Supplements?

You cannot make therapeutic foods into supplements for pennies and then sell them for hundreds of dollars like the average “vitamins.” For starters, you need rich, organic soil and glacier-rich farmland away from other sources of contamination. You need to grow all the foods organically, with organic seeds, hand weeding, artesian well water irrigation, and organic much for fertilizing. And finally you need to process these foods, vegetables, organs and glands into supplements properly in order to maintain their life energy. To do this you cannot use heat or chemicals. Instead you use high-vacuum dryers that are time consuming, bulky, and expensive. You extract the whole raw juices-not just the water- to produce a concentrated product that is laden with both the fat and water soluble nutrients. You then properly combine these nutrients with the nutrition from properly separated glands and organs using formulas that have been tested for 50-75 years with millions of patients.

Product testing actually begins on the farm by evaluating the nutrient, mineral and humus content of the soil. Analyzing the components of the plants and determing which state in a plant’s life cycle produces the highest nutrient yield is next. This is followed by microbiological testing to ensure that the products are free from contamination. Then comes testing to determine that the actual nutrition is in the product per the label claims. And after bottling, there is a final testing to ensure proper hardness and moisture.

All these steps are only the basics when it comes to the most superior whole food supplements. With these products you get measurable response in your health. You don‘t have to worry if your “vitamins” will work. In the end, you are consuming concentrated food, not chemicals that stress the body, rarely perform as advertised, are grossly overpriced, and serve primarily to make millions of dollars for the manufacturers. Synthetic and fractionated products, for the most part, do not work. The real proof is when a product works and is safe for millions of people over decades of time. Whole food supplements get the job done.

Standard Process Organic Whole Food Supplements

We use the Standard Process line of supplements as the foundation for our Nutritional Response Testing Program. This company was founded by the father of nutrition, Dr. Royal Lee, who started this company in 1929. The company is still owned and operated by his descendants, who are dedicated to the same high standards. Using these products with our Nutrition Response Testing, gives us the precise nutrition that is needed by each individual. By using whole foods, we can be assured that the body is using the supplements just as it would food, thus obtaining the maximum results.

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