Tips On Using Your O2E2

O2E2. Oxygen Enhanced Exercise or Oxygen Equals Energy Squared.
(aka Exercise with Oxygen Training – EWOT.)

Why “O2E2”?

Because it looks a little like the Star Wars robot R2D2.
It comes when you call it. (Just kidding).

In order to best track your progress using ANY wellness program, including your O2E2,and encourage yourself to continue, you will, once your unit arrives, want to begin a regular habit of making notes related to you and/or friends and loved one’s heightened abilities.

Improved energy, mental clarity, better sleep, memory and concentration, reduce or eliminate high blood pressure, resting blood oxygen increase, exercising blood oxygen stability, chronic lingering ongoing malady(ies) improving, headaches diminished. A recent email told us of “no more asthma inhaler after ten minutes of O2E2.” WOW! Basics such as dressing yourself, taking longer walks, or doing your chores or hobbies are also major markers for some.

I exercise with mine and notice great improvements in overall energy, stamina and mental clarity. I often hook up while working on the computer. I sometimes use it at 2.5 Liters Per Minute while sleeping and we have a Y connector/splitter for $30.00 that allows two people can use one machine for sleep. I love to take the time to exercise, rest till my body energy tells me get up; exercise rest and repeat as time allows. Think mountain climbing or taking a very long walk or going shopping and how you would need to sit and rest a spell every now and again. Only make your rest deeper and more effective using O2E2.

Use O2E2 with a recumbent bike (you lean back while using it), recumbent cross trainer, stationery upright bike, cross trainer, Nordic track, treadmill, rebounder, stair stepper, step aerobics, walk in place, yoga or stretching, even jumping jacks or various floor exercises. The Nu Step line is pricey but top of the line. Sit and get Fit is a great video/DVD for those whose mobility is compromised.

There are other Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Step Aerobics, Stretching videos that will add to the benefits of using your O2E2. We will email you our suggestions over time but feel free to do your own investigation via friends and various exercise sources.

Never EVER forget that EXERCISE/MOVEMENT or moderate EFFORT is the key to health and well being. Life may become easier but you never want to lose your EFFORT MAKING CAPACITY.

Oxygen is the primary catalyst in making effort. And WHAT a catalyst it is.

GET MOVING any way you can even if it is gardening or cleaning the house. Just sitting on a vibration platform (use an internet search engine for them) or lying on your back using an inexpensive version of a chi machine (passive aerobic exerciser) that shakes your legs, hips and upper body side to side (mind your knees) can help increase circulation and get you on the move.

Increased cellular oxygen saturation may well be the most powerful adjunctive support system ever, but moderate even gentle exercise is the primary cause of major improvement, not just lying there breathing oxygen though as you will soon read that in itself can work wonders.  Muscles need to be toned to work better and toned muscles utilize oxygen more efficiently.

Movement begets improved circulation and is a sign of increased vitality. Proper diet, nutritional supplementation and internal cleansing greatly aid cellular function.

If you MUST test the O2E2 efficacy then stop it for a few days or weeks and see how you backslide. THAT is usually what makes one REALLY understand what is going on. Remember to keep a journal. Send your progress reports to There are many folks out there that need to hear them both for inspiration and for hope. As you become stronger and more energetic you will inspire others to greater states of vitality; to take control of their lives in ways they or you never imagined possible…

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