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I would not take anything for my O2E2 Cruiser oxygenator! It is amazing; I use it 6 days a week about 35 to 40 minutes per day. As long as I watch my diet, exercise and use the oxygen I have no more problems!  Thank you.~ Robert V. Thornton

When my father and I ordered the oxygen generator, we planned to use it 3x a week. I, Robert, used it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He worked out on the other days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Within a few weeks, we felt a very big difference since we live in New York City so you can imagine how polluted it is. I used to fall asleep during the day but when I started, I felt alive and decided to take a long walk. Even though it’s winter, I felt very warm and alive! My breathing is a whole lot better and my sleeping patterns are second to none. I sleep like a baby! Sometimes, I got to remind my father that we’re doing it together and I encourage him to take it easy (He’s 76 years old). He started my brother, sisters and I walking since we were kids. I still walk because I love it, when especially when there’s glorious sunshine outside so I take full advantage. I even use alkaline water with ph level of 8+ with the generator and it feels great! Once you get started, you never, EVER want to stop using it. We use it with a treadmill and it really helps. Once it gets warmer, I ride my bike long-distance. You gotta love it…..it is VERY BENEFICIAL TO YOUR HEALTH! Like the Nike commercial, JUST DO IT!  ~ Robert Hernandez

Using the O2E2 5 LPM Cruiser generator seems to allow me to exercise relatively hard for the entire 30 min exercise period where before the O2 Generator; 20 minutes seemed like an eternity.  ~ Mike

Since I’ve received my machine I CANNOT live without it! I get up on a morning and after breakfast I get on the machine for about 15 min. I can’t believe how much better I feel throughout the day! I also suffer from Migraines. I get on the machine and within 15 min. My headache is gone. Sometimes it comes back in an hour but I just get on again until it goes away again. At least I can stretch out the time before I have to take my medicine again. After 2 all the years suffering with Migraines, to be able to get relief at all is amazing! I LOVE this machine! ~ Valerie Kauski

I just wanted to tell you how much this machine has done for me so far. I have had double bypass surgery, my right lung collapsed when fluid from the surgery drained into that cavity, I had leg blood clots, complications, complications, complications, and now I am finding out I shouldn’t have had the surgery in the first place. The whole thing makes me livid now. What the medical world tells and does to us in this land of the free in the name of capitalism is beyond anyone’s ethics. It is all about the money…. And the insurance industry is it second cousin. Instead of authorizing payment for machines like yours that truly let you body heal itself they pay for band aids that do nothing but make you feel better for the moment with no plans to really cure your problems.  I have been using your machine only a short time but I know it is just what I have needed for years. I can’ t begin to tell you how good I feel when I get on my exercise bike, hook up the machine, and work out for 30 minutes. Every day that passes I feel better and better. I sleep better than I have in a very long time (too long to remember when it started). My lungs are healing up. I can feel the difference in my ability to deep breath, my endurance has increased 5 fold, and I can work out at the gym with new vigor and am not wasted when I finish my routine. I used it all night last night, and when I woke up I felt like I died and went to heaven. My entire body felt fabulous, rested, refreshed, recharged. I felt like jumping out of bed and yelling YES!!!!!!! It was the best I have felt in years. I can’t wait to get on that exercise bike now and carve out 30 minutes of pure pleasure. Sometimes, I do it twice a day, just because it feels so good afterwards. The best thing about it is the knowledge that I am getting better every day instead of going down the drain with age related insanity included by modern un-medicine (their answer to everything is your just getting old, would you like a prescription for your problem?) Thanks a million for your fabulous machine. I am one very happy camper.  ~ John Miller

I like my O2 machine, I feel better after I rebound for 20 min with it. My son who has often sinusitis says he feels his sinus clearer afterwards. Only used it the last 3 days so far. Thanks, ~ Lucia S

I have an O2E2 and after only a month or so and not even exercising with it-(EWOT)-yet, but just sticking it in my nose while cooking, washing dishes, cleaning house etc. It has increased my strength and energy levels to a very perceptible degree. I am so happy!!! Happy happy happy! I mean it. I am a courier and I am 71 years of age. Before I bought the O2E2 I was 3 definitely slowing down. I had sustained two back injuries and a rib injury. The first injury to my back was over ten years ago. The next from a rear end collision by a truck to my car on a freeway, and then I fell in my bathtub onto my left ribcage-both fairly recently. I had to sleep in a chair, and still do, because of the rib pain. I’m overweight now because of the oppressive pain. I’m working on it. The most impressive factor in the use of O2E2 is how it has nearly totally eliminated the pain in my butt and legs. Also I have been so energized from the infusion of oxygen that I have experienced sore muscles from just plain doing more and doing it faster for longer periods of time before approaching the point of exhaustion! I don’t know if you will read this. I hope you do. I also hope to have a personal exchange with you. And that of course is entirely your call. I’m somewhat of a hermit nowadays yet still I would like to have some personal exchange and correspondence at a one on one level with someone who understands the difference between science and superstition, or maybe I could say linear thinking and circular reasoning. Basically Mike, O2 is good. Lots of it is better. I used to have to leverage myself out of my car every time I made a pick up or delivery on my job as a courier. Now I just rotate out of my driver’s seat, put my feet on the pavement and stand up. Maybe some people would say “So?”, but to me it is a return to where I was way back in time when I didn’t have any more experience with pain and fatigue that those whipper snappers who would say “So What?”. It’s good stuff. I have to say- it’s great stuff!!! Extra oxygen, I mean. Lots of it. Yum yum. I like it!!! Give me more!!

Next week’s email:

I’m starting to get back some of my moves. Like y’know when I jump at a door knob and catch it before it closes and locks and I have to spend the next five minutes trying to get someone to let me in to a “secure, (Yeah right) ” building? Then there’s the sideways step off a curb and fast pivot into the street instead of walking up to the curb, looking at the five or four inch drop and carefully stepping down. That’s in the past!! I’m dangerous again!!! Look out!

An email a few days later after I reminded him to take it a little easier via “Pace yourself or you may well erase yourself”:

With Spring coming on like gangbusters, that is good advice. I’m trying to just keep doing my every-day stuff and not intentionally push things. The idea at first is to just observe the little things that come back that I had stopped doing in order to compensate for my series of injuries. I think the biggest injury is probably the loss of physical strength from the inactivity. I have already decided that my tendons and ligaments are, at least for now, good indicators of whether I’m overdoing it. Sore knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, ankles, etc.. I back off at the slightest perception of joint soreness. The muscles, not so much. It is wonderful how the strength in my lower back has increased and the pain subsided. I want to thank you for your attention. I’m amazed at your kindness. You should change the name “O2E2” to the “Lazarus Machine”. ~ David Demers, Washington

Since I’ve received my machine I CANNOT live without it! I can’t believe how much better I feel throughout the day! I also suffer from migraines. I get on the machine, and within 15 minutes my headache is gone. I am able to stretch out the medicine I used to need all the time for migraines. After suffering all the years with these migraines, to be able to get relief at all is amazing! I LOVE this machine!” ~ Valerie Kauski

I’m an 86 year old, 104 pack year survivor as of 20 years ago with COPD and a reported 20% lung capacity remaining. I’ve been using my unit daily, no bike, and have noticed sufficient improvement to have ordered a unit for my son on general principles of good health with no downside effects. Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work. ~ Vincent

I started using my machine about three weeks ago. I meditate for about an hour using about 4 liters and sometimes I exercise with it on 5 liters. Definitely noticing more alertness and vitality! Glad I ordered it!! ~ Ayesha

Two weeks later:

I admit I’m not exercising with my O2 machine, but even using it on 4 liters when I’m meditating for an hour every morning has had a BIG effect on my general energy level and alertness, sleeping better, walking and exercising more (in the gym) and generally feeling younger and more able to handle even taxing situations (e.g. I’m moving house now, but have the energy to do it all). VIVA Oxygen!! ~ Ayesha

So far, I’ve managed to use the 02 for 10 minute bike exercises due to severe asthma limitations. Actually, I’m not noticing any real differences in how I feel. Except for the asthma, sinus congestion, and G.E.R.D, I feel good all the time. I’m still in awe of this as a 79 year old! By the way, my oxygen meter shows a steady 95 and fluctuates in 96, 97, and occasionally 98 range when I’m doing EWOT. I have established a wonderful new HABIT of being aware of how I’m breathing and often switch gears into deep breathing…thanks to you. Any suggestions will be most welcome. God bless! ~ Bernie Beaumont

I use mine with my recumbent stationary bike. A few nights ago I stayed up until 1:00am and had not slept since 5:30am the day before. I was not tired. At age 66 that is a great sign. I set up a book holder called Bookmate III from Book Mate Store so I can read while using the bike and concentrator at the same time. ~ Mike White

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