Body System Regulation

Body System Regulation is similar in principle to the other energetic medicine techniques discussed on this website. Its work focuses on Endocrine Disruptor (ED) sensitivities. Endocrine Disruptors are defined as chemicals and hormones in the environment which lodge in our body’s tissue and act like hormones. These EDs cause hormonal chaos by blocking receptor sites and confusing cellular activity. Examples of EDs are pesticides, herbicides, hormonal residues in meat, and chemicals that outgas from plastic containers. DDT is a classic example of a powerful endocrine disruptor that was used on U.S. crops until it was banned in 1973. It can still be detected in U.S. soil and is still actively used on food crops in foreign countries. BSR hypothesizes that by treating these EDs through acupressure points and gentle stimulation of the spine, the negative effects of EDs on the body can be neutralized and detoxification can be assisted.

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  • Just trying to think past my iieadmmte situation of terrible belly-ache from the gefilte fish I ate tonight (Passover-Easter celebration). Next time I’m just going with the choccy. Your lovely words distracted me momentarily, Des. Thank you. X

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