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The Guan

A “Guan” is Chinese for entertainment room; a place for teaching, speaking, healing and exercising.

The Grand Opening for this building was April of 2008. We offered FREE Medical Qigong treatments for three days. Our dedication ceremony was to honor two people who made this day and building possible. Terri Dluhy, who serves as a Director of this Temple, and her husband, Joe, who is our financial advisor.

Dr. Terri Dluhy has taken our medical practice to a new level of accomplishment since 2004. Her husband, Joe, has taken our modest income into a whole new level of investment that allows us to reach those who may not be able to afford treatment otherwise.

Dluhy Guan shall be a Teaching/Healing Center. This building is available to anyone who wishes to expand their teaching/lecturing horizons. Surrounded by meditation gardens, we offer a full kitchen and bath, and a large seating capacity with removable matted floors. This is the ideal facility for you to teach/lecture/entertain in. To see a video of our facility, click here.

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Class Video - Medical Qigong

Multi Dimensional Mind

Multidimensional Mind with Dr. Tom E. Sawyer

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