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The Sentient Temple Teaching and Healing Center in St. Petersburg, Florida

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The Sentient Temple specifically provides a range of holistic facilities in a natural and peaceful setting.

The Sentient Temple is an ideal location for those wishing to incorporate the peace and tranquility of the earth and Mother Nature into their healing or retreat program.

The Sentient Temple enjoys a lush and tranquil private peace garden with sacred spaces and meditation areas.

Wonderful Outdoor Teaching & Class Area

Four Meditiation Areas
Koi Pond

Sacred Circle

Here in our Sacred Circle we practice our Religion. Our philosophy is simple. Lead a positive life and dedicate yourself to the betterment of humanity. “This is our work. This is our service.” This is our credo.

One Of Three Treatment Rooms

This one has an Far Infrared Amethyst mat which we use for many of our cancer clients. Cancer cannot survive at temperatures over 120 degrees. This mat heats to 158 degrees and the addition of the Amethyst crystals aids further in healing along with Negative Ions. We are having great success with bone cancer and uterine fibroids.

The New Guan

A “Guan” is Chinese for entertainment room; a place for teaching, speaking, healing and exercising.

Workshop Space

This building is available to anyone who wishes to expand their teaching/lecturing horizons.

Surrounded by meditation gardens, we offer a full kitchen and bath and a large seating capacity with removable matted floors. This is the ideal facility for you to teach/lecture/entertain in.

Hot Mineral Tub – No Chlorine or Bromides

Far Infrared Sauna

Produces incredible health benefits

Detoxifies chemical and heavy metal toxins

Stimulates immune system, weight loss and pain relief

The Sentient Temple Healing Center is a full service center. Here we do complete health evaluations beginning with your endocrine system for hormone balance, a complete evaluation of your nutritional needs and a full allergy work-up to include heavy metals, all food groups, viruses, bacteria and parasites.



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Appointment hours are Monday-Friday 10-5

or email at alexan2@tampabay.rr.com

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Video Education

Class Video - Medical Qigong

Multi Dimensional Mind

Multidimensional Mind with Dr. Tom E. Sawyer

Reiki For Children

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