Charity Work

Our Charity Work

We, of the Sentient Temple, reach out into our community to aid the sick, the elderly and cancer victims who are experiencing the trauma of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. Most are in stage three or four, given up on by the medical community and labeled as hopeless or incurable. We treat those individuals who have intractable pain and we do so without drugs or surgery.

We also teach individuals in our community who are in need of prophylactic measures how to self treat through prescription exercises. These exercises are used throughout China by hundreds of thousands of people each day and it is a well known fact that China has the lowest morbidity levels in the world. Our country is 42nd in health wellness and first in infant mortality. The number of uninsured in our country has reached a deplorable level. The use of Ti Chi, Medical Qigong and Prescription Qigong exercises have proven to help take the burden of financial, medical and societal issues off of our city, state, and federal governments.

The Sentient Temple seeks financial aid to reach out to the indigent uninsured ailing portion of our community in order to offer relief to our governmental agencies who in many cases have their “hands” tied when it comes to offering aid to those who need it the most. The Sentient Temple has given over fifty thousand dollars in aid to our community and seek to help more of those in need. Please help.


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