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Our Facility

The Sentient Temple Teaching and Healing Center in St. Petersburg, Florida is a quiet retreat clinic for Medical Qigong, Quantum-Touch®, Body System Regulation, Mayan /Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, Buddhism, Daoism and Nutrition Response Testing in a warm and unique, holistic healing environment.

Each modality of healing enhances the other to create a synergistic powerhouse of healing energy. The Masters and Practitioners of the Sentient Temple Healing and Teaching Center use this energy to perform miracles every day for people from around the world. See success stories for people cured of cancer and chronic pain.

The Sentient Temple specifically provides a range of holistic facilities in a natural and peaceful setting. We provide seminars, workshops and classes on a wide range of areas concerning the above modalities as well as general wellness, growth and spiritual life path issues. We also do our best to accommodate individuals who contact us wishing to spend extra time here, outside the normal seminar/workshop/class programs.

For Out of Town Visitors:

  • We are centrally located – only a ten minute drive from beautiful downtown St. Petersburg or area beaches.
  • We are very secluded – a quiet neighborhood where our facility is enclosed, and includes large gardens and ponds for meditation and relaxation.
  • We have a “Guan”, which is a wonderful facility for classes and is frequently used by other practitioners as a perfect class space for their classes.

Facilities Available:

  • 625 sq. ft. of recreation and workshop floor space
  • Private treatment rooms
  • Far Infrared Sauna
  • Hot Mineral Tub (no chlorine, no bromides)
  • Ozone treatments
  • Outdoor teaching/class areas
  • Four meditation areas
  • Sacred Circle
  • Overnight accommodation arranged locally as required
  • Hyperbaric Chamber

The Garden Space:

The Sentient Temple enjoys a lush and tranquil private peace garden with sacred spaces and meditation areas.

The Sentient Temple is an ideal location for those wishing to incorporate the peace and tranquility of the earth and Mother Nature into their healing or retreat program. We also hold special weekend forums exclusively for healers themselves, a time – out period to, relax, rejuvenate, unwind and reflect on one’s relationships with their own Life Force (Qi), Nature and the Earth.

The New Guan:

A “Guan” is Chinese for entertainment room; a place for teaching, speaking, healing and exercising. This building is available to anyone who wishes to expand their teaching/lecturing horizons. Surrounded by meditation gardens, we offer a full kitchen and bath and a large seating capacity with removable matted floors. This is the ideal facility for you to teach/lecture/entertain in.


Workshop, seminar and class spaces are obviously limited. Reservations are made initially by contacting The Sentient Temple. Payment of the deposit amount due for the workshop, seminar or class confirms this booking and your place. (Please see each individual listing for deposit and fee information.)