Caring For The Patient

Therapies and Healing:
The Sentient Temple utilizes modalities such as Medical Qigong, Quantum-Touch, Body System Regulation, Mayan/Usui, Karuna, Shamballa Reiki, Buddhism, Daoism and Nutrition Response Testing to create a unique holistic healing environment. Each modality of healing enhances the other to create a synergistic powerhouse of healing energy. The Masters and Practitioners of the Sentient Temple Healing and Teaching Center use this energy to perform miracles every day for people from around the world.

Other Services:
We specialize in cancer treatment and pain. (See success stories for people cured of cancer and chronic pain.)

Medical Qigong for treating cancer and other maladies.

Body System Regulation deals with obesity, pain and endocrine disorders.

Nutrition Response Testing includes allergy testing and nutritional testing.

Total body system evaluation with a Heart Rate Variability Examination; EKG, tests for total physical fitness level and  for cancer presence.

We offer Mayan/Usui – Karuna – Shamballa Reiki

Quantum-Touch. A specialty for headaches, migraines, back and neck disorders or pain. Gone in minutes.

Dynamic Joint Recovery Treatment. Wonderful for chronic back and joint pain.

Complimentary Services:

Ozone Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Far Infrared Sauna developed by NASA for cancer, weight control, skin disorders, general pain and detoxification.

MRS-2000 – magnetic resonance.

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Class Schedule

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Video Education

Class Video - Medical Qigong

Multi Dimensional Mind

Multidimensional Mind with Dr. Tom E. Sawyer

Reiki For Children

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