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Dr Rev Dennis Alexander, PhD, DMQ (China)

A Little History…

Dr Alexander spent three years living and working in the deep jungles of Honduras as a medical missionary. He worked with the indigenous Maya tribes who lived deep in the rain forests with no access to modern medicine. This afforded him the opportunity to learn about jungle survival and the ancient ways of the descendants of the Mayan civilization. He built and funded with his own money a medical mission in Honduras to serve badly neglected Maya Indians. So extensive was his service to these people that his fame spread throughout South and Central America. They gave him the title, “Brujo Blanco”, “The White Witch Doctor”.  Dennis was Ascended to Mayan Shaman in 1973 in Honduras, Central America by a Shaman once his training was completed. To this day, he can go to any town or village from South of Mexico City to the Straits of Magellan and move among the most remote and hostile people in complete safety. He may be the only person in the world for whom that can be said.

Five years later 1000 miles up the Orinoco River in the heart of the Venezuelan jungle, he traded in diamonds and lost two partners to the deadly jungle. Retreating to the high country of Colorado with only a chain saw and a gun, he survived seven years of extreme hardship while reflecting what path his life would take.

Continuing on the great adventure of his life, he has authored five books which break all conventional rules and dogma. He has challenged organized religion, the government and set forth belief structures that boggle the mind. He is the contemporary “Man for All Seasons”.  He founded his own church to be able to treat those in need. At the age of 65, he began his studies in Medical Qigong, a 5,000-year-old Chinese healing modality, which is the highest form of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr Alexander received his doctorate from the International Institute of Medical Qigong. He also received his Oncology doctorate in China. Here he is receiving his Certification in Advanced Diagnosis from Master Duan in Beijing, China.

He is also an award winning (many times over) film maker,  TV producer,  first rate photographer, videographer, and director.

He is a healer as well as a teacher. He established the National College of Medical Qigong, and the Sentient Temple College of Alternative Medicine to teach the next generation about natural and alternative healing.

Dr Alexander can be reached at dalexan2@tampabay.rr.com