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Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that our next Daoist class will have an expert in Chinese Calligraphy and Talisman creation teaching the class. She has lived and studied in China for 7 years and is fluent in writing and speaking Mandarin Chinese. Full kits for you to work with will be in class and you will be walked through each step of the proper way for moving your brushes and applying your inks. Here is an excerpt from her letter to me….

“I can understand the empowerment possible in Chinese calligraphy. The ink is made with carbon so it can be manipulated by the energy field of the calligrapher. Scanning electron microscope investigations in Japan have shown that the carbon atoms have their poles aligned when a master’s work is examined. Work by students shows no such alignment so low or none energy flow from the calligrapher into the character, ink and paper. I have Chinese artist friends who can tell even the slightest difference in a reproduction of a master’s work. The vitality and energy of the master can seldom be matched in that moment, even by a talented and well-trained hand. The energy can be felt by the observer.” Robbie Miles

You will be taught how to transfer your energy into the Talisman so that what you are wishing to achieve can be realized.
We have had many requests from students who missed the Daoist Class 1 to repeat the course so that they may continue with the program. We will open this class to students who are have not take Daoist 1 but are interested in this topic. We will then schedule a make up class so that each student will be able to continue into Daoist 3. After that, we will not be able to open any other classes to new students as there would be too much information missed.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Aug 7-8. Please call us to make your reservation.
Dr Dennis Alexander

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  • Florette Yen:

    Please provide the reference for the Japanese electron micrograph study you mention above. Thank you.

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