Curing Tigren’s Cancer

JANUARY 10, 2006 Phone call from Daytona Beach. “My son is dying! His doctors have given him two months to live!”

FEBRUARY 2, 2006 Evaluation revealed an abdominal mass from sternum to pubic bone. Patient was in chronic pain and sweating profusely. He is only 20 years old. “Tell me about yourself,” I asked. “I am an Air Force mechanic. I work on jets. I was diagnosed with terminal abdominal cancer and told my job was now to go home and die,” he said through clinched teeth.

“What type of cancer?” I asked softly. “They don’t know. They have never seen this before,” he offered. “What do you think?” I asked. “I don’t want to die. I am here to find out what you can do. Can you cure me?” he asked, tears in his eyes. I sat down beside him. “Let me answer you with a story.” I said…

“There was a famous Qigong doctor visiting Beijing University. He was sitting listening to a professor address a class of 250 medical Qigong students when a woman entered the hall and walked directly up to the speaker and said “I understand a doctor is here who can heal my dying baby.”

The professor looked to the doctor who stood up and walked to the podium. “Any of you who do not believe that I can heal this child please leave now.”

Two hundred and forty-six students left the bleachers.
Only four remained.

The doctor turned and healed the child.

Then he addressed the four students. “It is better to have four who believe than 250 who doubt. Jesus, the greatest of healers, could not heal in his own village.”

I looked at Tigren. “I know that we can heal you. Do you believe this?”

I ventured and remained silent while he looked back at me.

“I am not a religious person,” he responded.

“Religion has nothing to do with healing. Do you believe in God? A Higher Force? Energy?” I asked still softly.

“Well, yes,” he said, looking deep into my eyes.

“Then it does not matter what you believe, only what we believe that matters. We can’t heal you, but we know the POWER
that can and together we will get the job done. We understand that with the onset of cancer there is always an emotional or physical event preceding the growth. What was going on with you in your 20 years?” I asked.

“I was born in Russia not far from Chernobyl. I was two years old playing in the snow having so much fun when the plant blew up. I was in the direct line of the fallout. I feel as though I can trust you. I have this terrible tube in my chest for Chemotherapy. I am having it removed and I am coming here.”

MAY 10, 2006.  Now, five months later, Tigren is in what we call remission. The tumor is smaller occupying only the lower part of his abdomen. His color is great, his attitude wonderful and he has a girl friend. His pain is under control.

  • We are often asked what we do.We do many things. We are Reiki Masters of many levels.
  • We are Quantum-Touch Instructors.
  • We are Body Restoration Practitioners and Masters.
  • We are Qigong Practitioners.
  • What we do is what is needed.
  • Sometimes we simply pray.

Mostly we cure what is impossible to cure according to Medical Doctors. Ask an MD what part God plays in their practice and nine out of ten will tell you that God has NOTHING to do with medicine. THE ALMIGHTY PILL CURES ALL! Hymm, could another definition of MD be More Drugs or EGO.

Here is Tigren on our Amethyst Infrared Therapy mattress.

Cancer can not live in high temperatures. At 130 degrees it begins to die off. Tigren is at 158 degrees here killing his tumor with infrared heat. It is now being studied by major universities that high temperatures, hyperthermia, will kill cancer cells.

This amethyst mattress won the Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine 1991, “for the discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in cells, by Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann of Germany.”

What do we do and how do we do it?
We use every power at our finger tips.

Here Dr. Alexander shaves raw white corn off a cob to add to a special drink which Tigren has every week. Tigren now makes these special smoothies at home each day. He follows a program laid out by all the staff at the Temple.

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