MDM Testimonials

Testimonials From Multidimensional Mind Course

Dr. Dennis Alexander

As you know I have had the honor and privilege of studying with Jose Silva, creator of the “Mind Control” program; the faculty of Duke University in their studies of parapsychology; the faculty of UCLA who performed well documented studies of paranormal occurrences using the Kirlian photographic technology; two prestigious Shaman – one from the Navajo Nation and one Shoshone; and led studies for the United States government that sought answers related to observed paranormal events. While my education and training as a clinical psychologist cast early doubts on such capabilities, the resultant evidence was too strong to deny, having been gathered under stringently controlled conditions. With this background, I had high expectations for the Shamanic experience offered by you, a Master Shaman, within the confines of the most delightful Sentient Temple. The three days that I participated with you, Shaman Fern Alexander, and the other teaching Shaman truly exceeded my desired outcome for the experience. The precepts, derived from Shaman of past millennia, that you taught have great potential for all of mankind in the present. Not only did I have a special “spiritual” experience, I added to my considerable background in the art and science of being a Shaman. Thank you and those who attended me in this marvelous life experience. You are to be congratulated on the environment and power of the Sentient Temple, and the Shamanic training offered to assist in understanding that “I am another you.”
~ Dr. Thomas E. Sawyer

Feedback on the workshop, it was all I had hoped for. The workbook was really excellent, hats off to you for creating such an easy to follow format for instruction and meditations. As an abbreviated training of just 3 days, you pack so much into it, with space for reflection too!
~ John

I had no idea just how deep it was going to be. I was amazed at the things I was shown how to do. Overall, I LOVED the course! Will definitely want to take it again and passing the word to anyone who will listen! ~ Carla

I found your course to be the most powerful and touching course that I have ever taken! I truly felt blessed to be a part of your class! I am so grateful for all that you do and have done for me! I hope someday that I will be able to help as people as you all do! All my thanks and love to each and everyone of you! Hope to see you all soon! I will keep in touch! Could you please send a picture of your beautiful yard (sanctuary), so that I may always have a piece of you with me! ~ Best wishes, Laurie Zakresky

I was very pleased with the class and got to meet some wonderful people. I have a lot of learning to do, but feel that I got a great start and have a new mindset. Thank you all for everything. ~ Chris Smith

Hello Everyone! The workshop was phenomenal! My Reiki is so much stronger and the meditation exercises have disciplined my mind extremely. Thanks again!!! ~ Namaste`Chelsea

It was wonderful spending time with like-minded folks last weekend (8/22). Thank you guys so much for all the knowledge you shared with us. I am still buzzing & sometimes I can feel my crown & 3rd eye just revving up… it’s a really great feeling & I just stop & sit still for a minute to connect with the feeling & allow my intuition to guide me as I tune in & listen. I feel a very heightened sense of awareness lately – it’s almost as if I can hear the grass growing, colors seem more vivid, I can sense life all around me. I was at the beach charging up last Monday & I swear I could hear the little sand crabs crawling!  ~ Audrey

I wanted to thank you all for the transformational journey. I have been able to feel a huge increase in the level of energy flowing thru me while working on people with massage. The reactions have been different—kind of like, OMG what was that, with a extreme look of bliss in their eyes, they can not find words to express what they are feeling. Looking forward to expanding more and being more accessible to all there is and share with all. ~ J

“What an exciting and moving experience. The whole weekend astonished me!” K

“Fern, Thanks so much for your time this past weekend………. Please forward this note to Dr. A too……………we certainly all appreciated the wisdom and the energy that came from him and you and the class…..I felt odd tremors and heat and had visions Sunday nite………..all of which are out of the ordinary and out of this world for me……… Again thanks so much.” J.

Thanks Fern and Dennis! It was very blissful experience with everyone there, regards.” D

“Wow, what a weekend. That was a lot of information and experiences. It was reassuring to see some of my previous training coming back even though I haven’t used it in years (ES Projection, on my two cases I was correct on every point, 3 areas of illness or injury and physical description!).” R

“I want to take a moment to thank you, Dennis and Terri for your guidance, love and energy. What a great weekend. I haven’t felt this positive and full of light in such a long time. Love and Light,” M

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  • Nous traversons tous des moments difficiles au cours de notre existence. Une rupture amoureuse, un conflit familial, la perte d’un emploi… Autant de situations difficiles à surmonter et qui peuvent anéantir une personne à tout jamais. La voyance permet d’obtenir des réponses aux questions que l’on se pose, pour ainsi prendre les bonnes décisions dans sa vie !

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