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Attending classes with Chinese Master Duan

We stood in class with 16 other chosen students who would have the honor of studying with 99 year old Master Duan. He entered the room with his entourage. His presence flooded the room like the light from a phosphorous flare. The floor length velvet black cape he wore flowed like energy behind him as he strode into the room. His hair was black and his beard gray. His erect stature and demeanor exuded confidence which could only come from a man whose family served the last Emperor as His personal physician and body guard.

In sixteen days of intense tutelage, study and hands on working, my wife, Fern, and I expanded our understanding of Medical Qigong. We stood in class while other students were sending energy from outside the class room behind a wall.

We had to state how they sent the energy, which direction and what strength. We had to scan other students and point out which organs were not operating correctly. We had to dissolve tumors and growths in 5 days. Deaf patients were treated and they were able to discern sound.

Patients in extreme pain had their pain removed. Back aches disappeared and dysfunctional limbs began to again work properly. We learned how to mend bones, which were broken, or joints which were subluxed (dislocated), in a matter of minutes.

I know all of this sounds magical.

It is.

The Chinese have been doing these things for 5,000 years. We in the West have not even scratched the surface of what real medicine is. We have reached a summit of drug distribution for treatment. At Sentient Temple, we understand that we need to treat the disease, not the symptom.

In the sixteen days of intense study, we also learned to appreciate fish heads at break fast, ducks feet at dinner, and 100 year old eggs as a delicacy. We also learned that you touch the Masters glass in a toast at the bottom, not the top, out of respect. Fern and I also learned that Master Duan would teach from 8:30 in the morning until 5:30 at night, meet us at dinner and out drink us.

Hmm. He was born in 1908. Does anyone see what might be wrong with this picture?

We graduated with honors as a part of a very esoteric group of doctors. We are still reeling from the experience. What can’t we heal?

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