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What an Amazing Autism Testimony.

How we got our Autistic son off his ADHD rx and to even sleep all night long.

Our story has been a long road filled with mostly downs until March of 2016. I have been seeing Dr. Dennis and Dr. Terri for my own health for a while, but I’m also a Student Sentient Temple. So when our circumstances changed, I knew my first stop for our son was to the Temple. Our son, Aidan, who was 10 at the time, was born with many medical issues, such as Mitochondrial disease, Autism, Seizures, ADHD, Hypotonia and Vertigo to name a few. I had just wrapped up Aidan’s IEP with his school and learned that because he showed no interest in learning and because the teachers said he could not sit down for more than a few seconds at a time to learn, that his new school will no longer be teaching him an education, he will learn only trade work. I made an appointment Sentient Temple and saw them the first day of spring break. Aidan was the Tasmanian devil on speed when I brought him in. Aidan Read the rest of this entry »

16th Doctor Finally Helps Patient

This gentleman came to us after visiting 15 other Doctors and not finding any relief from what turned out to be a parasitical infection. Finally, he was properly diagnosed and helped with Dr. Alexander…

Watch for yourself!

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Claire’s Bunions

Claire came to us as a student and stayed for two years. She is now an intuitive healer in her own right. During one of our classes, she complained about her feet hurting and upon examination we found extreme bunions.

Four of us gathered around her feet and ran energy to them using Reiki and Quantum-Touch. After less than five minutes, her bunions were reduced and her pain gone.

Juan’s Crohn’s Disease

The phone rang at seven in the morning. Normally, I would let the answering service take the call but for some reason I answered. “Hello, I am David Rosa and I have a friend here from Spain who is very ill. He is having a seizure and he cannot stop. May I bring him to you?” he pleaded. “Yes. of course.” An hour later Juan Diego Mateos was on the treatment table convulsing.

He was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, a condition of a highly inflamed intestine.

His was so inflamed that not only was his whole body reacting but cramping into an uncontrollable seizure, much like an epileptic seizure. I began the treatment with Qigong by purging the turbid Qi from his body, then began to tonify his energy fields.

The seizure lessened as his body began to relax. I restored his Qi and balanced his microcosmic orbit. Now the seizures were over and he completely relaxed. This photograph shows him ten minutes later.

Betty’s Breast Cancer

When this client came to us, she told us nothing other then she had pain. Betty (fictitious) arrived on our door step on April 20, 2005. “Mary at the VA told me you work with cancer victims. Can you help me?”

Our answer is always standard. We are simply the conduits of the Life Force Energy. We channel to you and you heal yourself.

“Want to see what you have to deal with?” she asked. “It isn’t necessary,” I replied “but if you feel it might help….” I was saying as she lifted her blouse exposing her right breast. Well, what was left of it. It was raw meat, deformed and gone down to the bone. We took her to our treatment room and began to work on her.

Four Temple Masters, Dennis, Fern, Terri and Claire worked on her. That was in April and we saw her every Wednesday. Five months ago, she was placed in Hospice care and told she would soon die. The cancer was so invasive. What we did was increase our efforts and our focus. We ran all the colors, we set gold and silver into motion, we created a white bubble around the metallic colors and held Qigong energy rotating in the breast.

We asked her to open and allow. She chanted and toned with us. Last month her Hospice nurse came to us for treatment and took our Quantum-Touch course. That was when she told us she wasgoing to recommend Betty be taken off Hospice. She was no longer dying.

Thebreast was healing and the cancer is in remission. I took a photo of Betty the day she came and I also took one today. One is red and raw but today’s photo is healed.

Today Betty said, lifting her blouse once again, “This is your miracle.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the Temple..

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