The Sentient Temple would like to publicly thank the following individuals for their kind gratitude and generous donations. As a 501-C-3 non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible. Each donation qualifies for a letter from the Sentient Temple stating the donated amount. 100% of donations are used for patient treatment.

Use the site below to become a Donor.


  • T.D. $60.00 a week for one year- Fibromyalgia gone
  • C.M. Donated 2001 Jeep
  • D.D.M. $2,500.00 over three months- Ovarian Cancer gone
  • J.D. Donated gas grill
  • D.D. Donated $600.00 Fuchsite stone for our Sacred Circle
  • C.V. Donated two trees for our Sacred Circle
  • E.T .Donated a giant 80 lb Stag Horn Fern
  •  J.D. Donated beautiful oriental paintings- Hemorrhoids gone
  • S.T. Donated $300.00- Scoliosis corrected
  • S.S. Donated garden decorations- Breast Cancer in remission
  • B.T. Donated $1,500.00 in flagstone for garden
  • H.T. Donated TV for Guan
  •  D.F. $6,000.00 over three years- Lymphoma (gone)
  • S.D. $35,000.00 property purchase – Bladder Cancer (gone)
  • C.D. Donated 2000 Buick- Lymph Cancer gone
  • L.G. $1,800.00 over 6 weeks- Leukemia PSA zero
  • M.D. $3,000 antique chest – Viral Neuralgia under control
  • M.S. Donated new Frigidaire refrigerator
  • S.D. $5,000 paid for Dr. Fern to go to school in China
  • J.D. $1000 per month to fund charity for indigent cancer patients
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