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Associate Medical Qigong Course Coming

A new Associate degree level 1 course is scheduled for September 10-11, 2016. This is the first of 5 levels to attain an accredited college Associate degree. Anyone can register. There is no requirement to start. You will be taught everything you will need to know to become a Medical Qigong Practitioner. The class will be taught by Dr. Dennis Alexander, DMQ. Classes are scheduled every other month to allow the student time to study and practice. The last class is a practical where there will be a hands on test reviewed by Dr. Alexander. The cost of the class is $500 and a deposit of $100 is required to hold your position. Classes fill up quickly due to the small number of students accepted. This allows Dr. Alexander to work closely with each student to work at their pace to achieve their goals. To reserve your space, call 727-323-2793. You can read testimonials from former students throughout our website. This is the last course that Dr. Alexander will be teaching before retiring. This is a rare opportunity. You can also go onto your Bachelor, Master and Doctorate courses, and attain a college degree at each level.

Peter P Cancer Testimonial

Pete P discusses his journey through cancer, starting with traditional western medicine, which did not work – then discovering Medical Qigong which has now saved his life.

Leonore discusses positive results

More positive results from healing at the Sentient Temple.


Throat Cancer Cured with Ozone & Complementary Therapies

Curing cancer is not simply getting chemotherapy or radiation. It is necessary for you to seek out an alternative program, a complimentary program in addition to working with your medical doctor. Dr. Alexander discusses Ozone Therapy and urges you to call his clinic today so that you too can be cured of cancer.

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16th Doctor Finally Helps Patient

This gentleman came to us after visiting 15 other Doctors and not finding any relief from what turned out to be a parasitical infection. Finally, he was properly diagnosed and helped with Dr. Alexander…

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Class Schedule

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Video Education

Class Video - Medical Qigong

Multi Dimensional Mind

Multidimensional Mind with Dr. Tom E. Sawyer

Reiki For Children

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